Key West Condos for Sale

Beach in Key WestAre you considering moving to Key West and wondering if a Condo is right for you?


The good news is Key West has many different Condos to choose from. If you first locate a dedicated full-time REALTOR® that understands all the buildings and what you’re looking for,  this will save you a lot of time and potential frustration. As educated and trained Key West Real Estate agents, we are aware of the pet policies, Home Owners Association rules, rental policies, parking issues, and most of the time the strength of the Association’s financials. Most banks will also do this part for you before they will lend on your behalf.

We published a blog post that goes into more detail on the locations and different condo complexes available in Key West. Click here

For a link to the Key West Condos Search click here or to view all Key West Waterfront Properties click here.

Condos with 4 units or less are typically tougher to finance through a regular bank. Portfolio loans are usually done to accommodate these types of condos. Typically down payments are around 25-30% down to get one of these loans to work, as they typically would be considered investment properties. Now if you were to live in it and use it as a primary residence the down payments usually are between 10-20%.

Key West Condos have many amenities to choose from ranging from waterfront, beachfront, boat dockage, hot tubs, pools, tennis courts, private beaches, gyms, sauna’s etc, and of course location being the biggest factor in price.

Please consider talking to Sean Farrer at (305) 924-0700 when you are looking to purchase or Sell your next Key West Condo. We look forward to helping you find your perfect piece of paradise and guarantee you great Service and the best deal we can possibly negotiate. See you in Key West in your new Condo!

Here is a list of some of Key West’s larger condo complexes. Please click on the name to search available units for sale.