Key West Flood Maps

The FEMA flood maps for Key West and the Florida Keys are changing in the near future. FEMA has released a “DRAFT” of the proposed changes. The latest estimate from the City of Key West is that the new maps will go into effect Summer 2020 at the earliest.  More information and details can be found on the City of Key West website.

Current FEMA flood maps for Key West (2/18/2005)
“DRAFT” FEMA flood maps for Key West (8/21/2019)
Key West Flood Map draft changes
“Flood Level Impact Map” showing the difference between the current and DRAFT flood zones.

Monroe County Florida also has a “DRAFT” on the FEMA flood maps for the county which can be found here.

FIRM- Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe- fights for fair, equitable and affordable insurance coverage for homeowners in the Florida Keys. Please visit their website to learn more about how these flood map changes could potentially affect your flood insurance rates.

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