Key West Area Information for Home Buyers

For all of our home buyers, we provide detailed information on Key West and Florida Keys service providers as well as assisting with your utility connections. 

Electric Service from Key West to Big Pine Key

Keys Energy Services –   1001 James St. Key West, FL 305-295-1000

Water Service/Sewer

Florida Keys Aquaduct Authority(FKAA) –  1100 Kennedy Dr. Key West 305-296-2454

Telephone Service

AT&T –    Residential 1-877-658-6096  Business 1-888-944-0447

Internet/Cable TV Services

AT&T U-VERSE 1-877-658-6096

Xfinity (Comcast) 1-800-934-6985

Direct TV (television only) 1-855-852-4388

Trash Disposal/Recycling

Waste Management Residential Services 125 Toppino Industrial Dr. Key West 305-296-8297

Key West Recycling Details

Key West Schools

Monroe County Public Schools

List of Key West Schools

Key West schools